10x10 Challenge: Incorporating Linen into a Capsule Wardrobe

Some of you may have heard of the 10x10 Challenge in the fashion world, created by Style Bee in 2015: 10 items, 10 outifts, 10 days. One of our team members, Acacia, gave it a go with some of Serenity West’s SS-18 pieces (incorporating it into her own wardrobe), to challenge our creativity and encourage a minimal wardrobe with lasting pieces you can make the most of.

For those of you who don’t know, the 10x10 challenge is an exercise in which you select 10 pieces from your wardrobe, which you then use to create unique outfits for 10 days.

Note that accessories like hats, bags and jewelry are not considered part of your 10 items. We opted to go with the formula below for selecting our 10 pieces:

·      2 pairs of shoes

·      3 Tops

·      1 Jumpsuit (in lieu of a dress)

·      2 Bottoms

·      2 Outer layers

It was a tough decision when it came to selecting the 10 pieces, but a few helpful tips allowed for a swift selection.

1.     Check the weather for the next 10 days

2.     Note any events or activities you might have planned (workout gear, loungewear etc. are not included)

3.     Select neutrals, with a few pops of colour to easily mix and match

4.     Select items that will layer nicely if needed

5.     Choose a few basics like a t-shirt and your must-have pair of jeans

6.     Challenge your creativity by selecting a couple items you are not sure of but would love to include in your daily wardrobe

Below is a recap of the outfits we created. The pieces Acacia selected from Serenity West include:

·      Dahlia Tank in Sea Green

·      Iris Pant in Natural

·      Myrtle Cardigan in Natural

·      Daisy Jumpsuit in Denim


·      Yes, you can wear linen 10 days in a row and look, and feel, fab.

·      You can take linen into fall, just add some layers and you are good to go!

·      You don’t have to revert to all black for fall/winter.

·      Linen does wrinkle, but worth it for the comfort and durability.

· Remember that it rains in Vancouver, so don’t choose two pairs of sandals ;P

Tell us your thoughts and your favourites!