Our Serenity

We don’t have a lot of serenity in our daily lives and when we seek it, it often comes in the form of a beach, a mountaintop, a desert, the ocean, or a forest; in other words, in natural spaces where noise is minimal and the amount of people is lessened; away from the hustle and bustle of traffic, and buildings. Serenity usually comes from nature, but how do we bring more into our daily lives?


This was the idea that inspired the creation of Serenity West. As an interior designer, Sandra, Serenity West’s founder, was often asked to create a feeling in a space: a feeling, often of serenity, calmness, and comfort. She has striven to create that feeling using simple design elements like colour, or the lack of colour, and elegant, natural materials that are too inviting to resist.

Natural materials like cotton and linen can be used to evoke a type of natural setting while providing a sense of luxury. Sandra’s love of linen stems from the long and enduring history of the fiber as a beautiful, natural and renewable resource. So with this passion for fabrics, and luxurious comfort, Serenity West began to take shape.

The intention behind Serenity West is to offer well-designed Canadian products, using these all-natural, sustainable, durable fabrics. With a background in interior design, Sandra thought it frustrating to know that much of what Canadians purchase is made outside the country. There is so much talent, creative potential and inspiration to draw from here at home.

With Serenity West, she wants to show that being environmentally conscious does not mean having to give up design, aesthetics and serenity. So, inspired by a modern, West Coast, and eco-friendly calmness, Serenity West is here!