What Do You Want to Wear?


The last few months have been a bit of a whirlwind for us, from fashion industry discussions, to traveling the country, to photo-shoots, to pop-up shops, to creating samples… Yup, we have been keeping busy.

We are working hard to ensure we are creating pieces that you want, and feel good about purchasing.

A few months ago, we asked a few friends and fellow conscious-shoppers to chat with us about fashion, and everything that goes with it. We created a group of five women that will meet every month or so to discuss personal issues with style, fashion or broader concerns about the industry worldwide. As a brand, we make conscious decisions about every little detail in design and production to ensure a small footprint, without giving up the confidence one receives from looking and feeling their best.

The way Serenity West approaches our designs, is with you in mind. We talk to women of various shapes, sizes, ages and lifestyles to hear what they want to wear. We so often hear that women are not happy with the choices out there. The way our world is heading, more and more are wanting sustainable, local and eco-friendly options that still fit their style.

We are combating fast fashion and environmental degradation with small-batch, high-quality production right here in Vancouver. Minimal shipping and traveling is involved in the making of our pieces, and we only use natural and sustainable materials like linen, nuts and shells.

But we haven’t forgotten about other concerns. We speak directly to our friends and family (and our socially fashionable group) to hear their individual issues with fabrics, styles and trends. We know we can’t please everyone, but knowing exactly what other women feel about these topics, helps us to create pieces that they actually want. Too often we hear that we buy pieces because everyone has them or they are “in style” or “in season.” What if someone asked you: “if you could have any piece of clothing to add to your wardrobe right now, what would it be?”

We asked this question to our socially fashionable group and a variety of answers came up, and some of the answers were pieces we had never seen before. And that’s just it, we are restricted by what is put in front of us and what celebrities are wearing.

So we put the question to you: what do you want to wear?

Let us know!