Aster Sweater

Aster Sweater


The hoodie, elevated - no bulk, no tattered ties, same large pockets and add stunning buttons.

The symbol of the hoodie has changed drastically from sportswear in the 30's, to rebellion in the 70's, to streetwear and empowerment in the 90's, to tech-wear in the 2000's and now, a contemporary essential.

Our hoodie is made of Eco-Fleece in two beautifully unique shades.

  • Eco-Fleece is a blend of hemp, cotton and bamboo rayon. This environmental fabric is timeless and has evolved responsibly.

  • OEKO-TEX certified: every component has been tested and determined to be harmless in human ecological terms.

All SW styles have been garment washed, if care instructions are followed, they will not shrink.

Model is wearing size small.

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