Meet the mother-daughter duo behind Serenity West


Sandra McIntyre - Founder

Sandra has a long history of design starting with her beginnings in designing window displays for Vancouver retailers. Her skill and talent with space, scale, colour and texture took her to Bali, Indonesia where she honed her craft in Fabric and Fashion Design. Later she formalized her education in design at the University of California Los Angeles.

Travel has been one of Sandra's principal influences in her work and life, and has given her a deep appreciation for a multitude of cultures, styles and designs from all over the world.

It is very important to her to have pieces in her home and her wardrobe that bring serenity, comfort and happiness. Her travels, and experience in the fashion and design industries, have inspired her and challenged her creativity to create products that are aesthetically-pleasing, environmental and serve a function - lasting through seasons.

When not working on future designs, flipping through pages of fabric samples or at our pop-ups, you can find Sandra on her bike, walking on the beach or reading some Jane Austen.


Acacia Cresswell - Manager

With a passion for travel, art, culture and design, Acacia is constantly inspired by the world around her. Having moved around quite a lot in her upbringing, she has experienced some wonderful places and met amazing people. She loves to collaborate, meet new people and create new experiences.

Acacia has a degree from Simon Fraser University in Anthropology and has been working with her mother, Sandra, since before she can remember. She has always been interested in fashion and design, and loves to learn about people, cultures and sustainability. She brings all this knowledge together in the hopes of creating a little serenity in others’ lives.

She draws on travel and schooling experiences for inspiration in Serenity West’s designs, photographs, writing and content creation.

Sustainability is very important to her, as she strives for a plastic-free life and minimal consumption. These days, in her spare time, you can find Acacia at either a local coffee shop, with a book in hand, biking or playing volleyball. It’s all about the little things:)


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